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  XVIII.Others 其它方面  Bicycle hire 出租自行车  Call now to book and to claim your free colour brochure. 现在打电话预定,索取免费彩色介绍资料。  Call … to book 打电话……预定  Contact us at email: 同我们联系请发电子邮件:  Cycle hire 自行车出租  Details see over 详情见背页  Direct dial telephones 直拨电话  For free information contact: 索取免费信息,请联系:  For full details of …, please see the web site: 了解……详情,请访问网站:  For further details, please contact us on … 详情请打电话……和我们联系。  For further information on … please call …… 了解 … 详情, 请打电话……  For more information on the full range of products, call … or visit the web: 更多了解各种产品的情况,拨打电话…… 或访问网站:  For more information, call …, Our staff will be pleased to answer your questions 了解详情请打电话……, 我们的职员会给你满意的回答。  For the latest information on availability, check out our website: … 获取最新信息,查询我们的网站:……。  Free Internet Access 免费上网  Free prize draw 免费抽奖  Further information about ……can be found on our website at… 关于……详细情况可在我们的网站……查到。  Goods are dispatched every day 每天发货  Information is correct at time of print 印刷时信息准确  Please ring/call/phone/telephone for assistance 打电话咨询  Please ring our 24-hour information line 请拨打我们24 小时咨询服务热线。  Please write clearly in blue or black ink. 请用蓝黑墨水填写清楚。  Programmes can be heard live and recorded on our website.在我们的网站上可听到现场和录音节目。  See reverse for full rules and condition 详细规则条款看背页。  XV.Tour and Sightseeing 旅游观光  15% off with this flyer 持本广告85折优惠  A place to relax and unwind 一个让你放松身心的地方。  Access all day.全天开放  Admission is free 不收门票  Advanced booking is essential to avoid disappointment 提前预定,避免错过。  All passengers are strongly advised to obtain travel insurance. 建议所有乘客购买旅游保险。  All tours require advance booking. 旅游需要提前定票。  All-inclusive ticket 票价包括所有费用。  Cafeteria available 提供自助餐  Child reductions 儿童优惠  Children are free if supervised.有监护人的儿童免费。  Children under 12 half price throughout season 全季12岁以下的儿童半价  Clean and comfortable 清洁舒适  Come with us to the world's most beautiful cities 和我们一起游览世界上最美丽的城市。  Concessions (票价)优惠  Day trip to … ……一日游  Discounts available for pre-booked groups 团体提前预定优惠  Fine views of London 伦敦美景  For more detailed information please call 欲知详情,请打电话。  Free children admission with full paying adult 卖成人票,儿童免费。  Free children ticket with this leaflet 持本广告儿童免费。  Free entry for all. 向所有人开放  Free entry to over 60 attractions 免费到60 多个景点旅游。  Free for accompanied children under 16 years of age. 所带16以下岁儿童免费。  If you would like to join our club, please contact… 如想参加我们的俱乐部,请联系……  Pick up points and times 接站地点和接站时间  Reservations 预定  Reserved seating 预定座位  Safe and reliable 安全可靠  Self-catering 可自己做饭  Shopping offers 提供购物机会  Sights of London. 伦敦风光  Sightseeing at its best! 观光游览最佳季节。  Tour operators 旅游组织者  Tours take up to two hours 游程两个小时。  Tours are held throughout the day 旅游活动全天进行。  Tours have live English commentary 旅游配有现场英语解说。  Under 24 hours a 50% charge may be levied. 24小时内收半价  We want you to have a good holiday 我们祝你渡过一个愉快的假日。  XVI.Training and Learning 学习培训  Accommodation provided by the institution 学校提供住宿。  All courses offered accredited by British Council 所有课程由英国文化委员会授权认可。  Expert English language training by qualified teachers 英语培训,经验丰富,师资雄厚。  Full-students 全日制学生  One-to-one English language courses with full board accommodation 一对一的英语学习课程,提供住宿。  We have over ten years of experience in teaching quality English and have successfully managed schools in different parts of the world. 我们从事了10年多的英语教学,教学质量高,教学经验丰富,在世界各地有成功地办学的范例。  XVII.Exhibition and Museum 展览会博物馆  … are now free to everyone. …… 现免费向公众开放。  … will again be open to the public. …… 再次向公众开放。  Admission charge £4 门票 £4镑  Do not touch the exhibits/objects勿触摸展品/物品  Exhibition opening times: 开馆时间:  Extended opening hours during August 八月延长开放时间。  Flash photograph is not permitted 不准用闪光灯拍照。  Forthcoming exhibitions 即将展出  Open 10:30am - 6:00pm every day throughout the year 全年每天10:3:00am -6:00pm 开放。  Open 7 days a week 每周7天开放  Photography and video are not permitted inside the building 楼内不许拍照录像。  Ticket office 售票处  Unemployed, disabled, students and children free 失业者,残疾人,学生和儿童免费。  With access all day 全天开放
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