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  空乘英语面试中,一段好的英文自我介绍很重要,那么你学会做好英文的自我介绍了吗?以下是阳光网小编帮你们整理的诚博国际_诚博国际官网_www.wusong00.com,一起来学习吧。 诚博国际_诚博国际官网_www.wusong00.com


  My name is, from the beauty of jiuzhaigou in sichuan province, chengdu aviation professional XX graduate, I love this door professional aviation service, and for its input great enthusiasm and energy. In a few years learning life such as aviation services professional knowledge, through a series of practice and the rich work experience, hopes to be helpful in work and study in the future.   During the period of school, I always positive, energetic, have good development in various aspects, comprehensively improve their overall quality, as the students of the new century, I deeply know this professional knowledge is not enough, so I read the books and work-study activities, in enriching themselves at the same time also get a lot of experience.   Through three years of study and practice, I from the psychological and ability ready to flight attendant job fully prepared, I sincerely hope to be able to become a member of the China Eastern airlines, I will take the beautiful image, enthusiastic service, pour all I can, I can't keep on learning, contribute strength for the development of China Eastern airlines Give me a chance, I will be conscientious, return you a surprise, I look forward to your eye and appreciation, a-minuses, believe that your trust and my strength will bring the common success for us.   我叫,是来自美丽的四川九寨沟,是成都航空专业XX届毕业生,我热爱航空服务这门专业,并为其投入巨大的热情和精力。在几年的学习生活中学习了航空服务等专业知识,通过系列的实习积累和丰富的工作经验,希望在日后的工作和学习中有所帮助。   在校期间,本人始终积极向上、奋发进取,在各方面都取得良好的发展,全面提高了自己的综合素质,作为新世纪的学生,我深深知道本专业的知识是还不够的,因此我阅读了各方面的书籍和参加勤工俭学活动,在充实自己的同时也获得了许多的经验。   通过三年的学习和实践,我从心理和能力等方面做好了走上空乘岗位的充分准备,我诚挚地希望能成为东方航空中的一员, 我将以靓丽的形象、热情的服务,倾我所能,不断学习我所不能,为东方航空的发展事业贡献一份力量 给我一次机会,我会尽职尽责,还给您一片惊喜,在此我期待您的慧眼和垂青,静候佳音,相信您的信任和我的实力将为我们带来共同的成功。


  Judge teachers: hello!   He went eight hundred years, and he was drunk. In the six or seven hills, the pavilion was not alone. I am from a provincial key middle school in chuzhou city, located at the foot of the beautiful scenery of the scenery. My name is XXX.   I was born in a xx family, and I was educated and educated by a good culture. 18 years old I am confident, carefree, have good communication ability. There are also basketball, mountain climbing, running and other hobbies. I like to listen to the lyrics of music, lyric poetry, reading novels, English, chatting and singing. The teacher said I was an unwearied optimist.   Since I was a child, I am eager to fly in the blue sky. It is my pleasure to serve my friends all over the world. I know that as a flight attendant, I need not only to be enthusiastic about serving others, but also to be tolerant, tolerant and to the mind of the sea. It is an honor to relationship between national image and noble cause, I care about other people's feelings, learn to communicate, learn to smile, learn to enjoy the pleasure of flying to themselves and others.   Maybe, I'm still young, the dream also lacks many conditions, but I will work hard, to learn more things to enrich himself, is also eager to get here from the judges a chance to let the dream fly. I believe that when a dream is given to a pair of wings, flying is no longer a longing. I know that my dream is in the higher sky, and I will use the pure heart to soften every passing traveler. Thank you very much!   评委老师们:大家好!   翁去八百载,醉乡犹在; 山行六七里,亭影不孤。我来自风景秀丽的琅琊山脚下滁州市的一所省重点中学,我叫xxx。   我出生在一个xx家庭,从小受到良好的文化熏陶,善解人意。十八岁的我自信、洒脱,有着良好的交际能力。也有着打篮球,爬山、跑步等业余爱好。我喜欢听抒情音乐,背抒情诗,看小说,英语、聊天、哼歌。老师都说我是个永不疲倦的乐天派。   从小的我就渴望翱翔蓝天,能够为世界各地的朋友做好热情周到的服务是我的荣幸。我知道作为一名空中乘务员,不仅要有服务他人的满腔热忱,还要有隐忍、宽容、海纳百川的胸襟。这是关系国家形象的光荣而又神圣的事业,我会关心别人的感受,学会沟通,学会微笑,学会享受飞翔带给自己和他人的快乐。   也许,我还稚嫩,离那个梦想还缺少很多条件,但是我会努力,去学习更多的东西来充实自己,也渴望从评委老师这里得到一次让梦想飞翔的机会。我相信,当梦想被赐予一双翅膀,飞翔再也不是一种渴望。我知道我的梦想就在那片更高的天空,我要用纯真的心灵去感化着每一位一闪而过的旅客。谢谢!


  I am xx contestant XXX, I come from xx. Zhongyuan of ancient times talented, in the hot earth of this talented person, the emergence of such as the blue sky pilot, li jiying, etc. Now, in the XXXX has received the good education of the three years I, though not like jianying li eagle fight the sky, but in order to chests are the eternal desire to fly the blue sky, in order not to disappoint me the height of 1 meter 68, don't live up to what our belowed, behaved, extremely has the affinity face, I hope I can through their own efforts to become a flight attendant, working between the blue sky white clouds, then clouds scud across the universe, overlooking the motherland good things.   The flight attendant has always been a simple girl's silly dream, beautiful, romantic, with the clouds, the angel of the blue sky, is my understanding of it. Perhaps I am not as beautiful as an angel, but I will come from the heart to the passenger, the passenger is my angel. I will care about other people's feelings, bow low, learn to listen, learn to communicate, learn services, learn to smile, learn to enjoy the pleasure of flying to themselves and others.   Maybe, I'm still young, but I will try and hope to get a chance to fly my dream from you. I believe that when a dream is given to a pair of wings, it is no longer a desire to fly, and I will fly toward that distant land, across the blue and blue mountains of the sea. I know that the happiness I want is in the higher sky, I want to fly, I want sunshine, I want to fly higher.   我是xx号选手xxx,我来自xx.中原自古多才俊,在这块人才辈出的热土上,涌现出了诸如兰空飞行员李剑英等天之骄子。如今,在xxxx受到了三年优秀教育的我,虽不能像李剑英那样架雄鹰搏击长空,可为了胸中那不灭的翱翔蓝天的渴望,为了不辜负我1米68的身高,不辜负五官端正、举止端庄、极具亲和力的面容,我希望能通过自己的努力成为一名空乘人员,工作在蓝天白云间,仰观宇宙云卷云舒,俯看祖国大好河山。   空乘,一直是一个单纯女孩傻傻的梦想,美丽,浪漫,与白云为伴,蓝天上的天使,是我对它的理解。也许,我不像天使那样美丽,但我会发自内心地以乘客至上,乘客才是我的天使。我会关心别人的感受,躬下身子,学会倾听,学会沟通,学会服务,学会微笑,学会享受飞翔带给自己和他人的快乐。   也许,我还稚嫩,但我会努力,也希望从你们这里得到一次让梦想飞翔的机会。我相信,当梦想被赐予一双翅膀,飞翔再也不是一种渴望,我要飞向那远方,跨越那大海高山白云蓝天世界。我知道我要的那种幸福就在那片更高的天空,我要飞翔,我要阳光,我要飞得更高。   
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